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Puppy Mill Dogs: 

We have rescued many puppies and dogs from puppy mills that were bone thin, had previous untreated injuries such as have an eye missing, or have had broken legs that were never treated, have had botched home done c-sections and many other things but again a little TLC and patience and WOW what a great dog you have.

Let us take a minute to educate you on the horrors of living as a puppy mill dog. These dogs are kept in wretched conditions for their entire life. The females have litter after litter until they cannot produce anymore and then they are tossed away like trash. Some puppy mill owners will shoot them, abandon them on country roads, starve them to death or dump them at shelters. These people have auctions to auction off their "stock" to other puppy millers in Missouri, Ohio and PA. 

The dogs live in rabbit hutch type pens off the ground, the pens have several dogs in them so fights are frequent and only the strong survive. These dogs are usually matted to the skin, are scared to death of the human touch as they have never had a kind hand on them. They have to fight for food and water. 

Walking around on the ground or in grass is something they have never had the joy of doing. If they get wounded or sick they are left to die a slow painful death. Sometimes it takes months to socialize these dogs but when they do make the transition you have an amazing dog.

You can make a real difference by signing the petition at "End Puppy Mills Forever" at the link below:

End Puppy Mills Forever